Bill Maher reveals when Real Time is coming back to HBO

Credit: HBO
Credit: HBO /

Bill Maher might be on vacation, but for everybody wondering when he’ll be back with more Real Time, the comedian has made an official announcement!

When, oh when, will new episodes of Real Time be back on HBO?

If you’re wondering this question, you’re not the only one. Bill Maher has been getting hounded by fans on social media asking when he’ll be back on TV on Friday nights. As of now, the comedian is on vacation, but the current season of Real Time isn’t over yet. So, when can we expect to see Maher back on TV?

Determined to answer the question for everyone, Maher took to his official Twitter account to remind everyone when he is returning. Take a look at his tweet embedded below, as it really says it all.

Of course, Maher tweeted this yesterday (July 21, 2017), making two weeks August 4, 2017. That’s when Maher comes back from his vacation for all new episodes of the show. Mark it down on your calendars now! While Maher obviously appreciates people wanting to tune in, he’s probably getting tired of hearing that question while on his break. Now, we know, so we can leave him alone!

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So, to reiterate, new episodes of Real Time with Bill Maher will resume on Friday, August 4, on HBO. Now that you know, let Bill enjoy the rest of his vacation. His head is certainly going to spin when he sees how much catching up he has to do!