Chris Hardwick comedy series ‘@midnight’ is coming to an end

Credit: Comedy Central
Credit: Comedy Central /

After four years and 600 episodes, Comedy Central and Chris Hardwick are putting an end to the nightly comedy series @midnight.

Fans of @midnight are going to have to find something else to watch at 11:30 p.m. Deadline is reporting that the Emmy-winning show is officially coming to a close in just a couple of weeks from now. The series finale of the show will air on Friday, August 4, marking exactly 600 episodes overall for @midnight.

The decision is said to be mutual between Comedy Central, production company Funny or Die, and host/executive producer Chris Hardwick. It seems that while ratings haven’t exactly crashed, they’re not trending upward either in the same way that Trevor Noah’s Daily Show is. Now the idea seems to be to bring it to an appropriate end on their own terms, with everyone keeping their heads held high.

But although you can take Hardwick out of the show, you can’t take @midnight out of Hardwick. As he tells Deadline:

"“I owe such a huge debt of gratitude to Comedy Central and Kent for taking a chance on the show, always being great partners and allowing us to exit mutually, which is rarely a gift you are given in this business. I will certainly miss awarding POINTS! to people nightly, so please understand if you see me randomly shouting it at strangers in public after August 4th.”"

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There are rumors of The President Show taking the timeslot once @midnight leaves the network. Ultimately though nothing official has been announced and we will just have to wait and see.