‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Premiere: 10 Key Moments

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Game of Thrones finally returned to HBO last night with its Season 7 premiere episode ‘Dragonstone’, and I’ve put together its top 10 biggest moments.

Winter… is… HERE!

After a wait that has been far too painful, Game of Thrones had an explosive return to HBO last night. Let’s take a few moments to go back through the amazing episode and talk about its 10 most significant moments.

10. Arya Stark does her best Walder Frey (and kills everyone)

Do you remember last season when Arya finally killed the sinister Walder Frey? It was definitely one of the most satisfying moments of Season 6. But the blood lust for Arya is only just beginning, and she doesn’t waste any time getting right back to it in Season 7.

We see a scene of what appears to be Walder Frey having a toast with an entire room full of Freys. Walder, of course, is totally dead — meaning this is really sneaky Arya in disguise! But the Freys don’t know that, and they all down the ale they’ve been given by Walder.

Only after the men take a swig are they told about their fatal mistake. They didn’t kill all of the Starks, and that has proven to be their undoing. All of them then drop dead to the ground, falling victim to Arya’s poison. The murderous Stark spares only one woman, telling her to let everyone else know that “the North remembers.”