Colbert and John Oliver pit wax presidents against each other

Credit: CBS
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When John Oliver stopped by Stephen Colbert’s Late Show, the two comedians had way too much too fun playing with wax sculpture of former presidents.

Coming up, in the main event of the evening, we’ve got the death match of the century! Wax Warren G. Harding is taking on his arch-nemesis, wax Zachary Taylor. Start making your bets now!

Last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the always funny John Oliver came by for a guest appearance. During Oliver’s appearance on the show, the two organized a fight to the death between the two former presidents mentioned above. Of course, Taylor and Harding are in the form of wax sculptures, which severely limits the brutality of the battle.

Still, that doesn’t make it any less hilarious. In the skit, we get to witness what amounts to the trading of insults between the two presidents. Colbert, who’s in Taylor’s corner, mocks Harding for dying in office of a heart condition, joking that his heart had syphilis. To that, Oliver fires back that nobody even knows who Zachary Taylor is. “90% of Americans think Zachary Taylor was one of the kids on Home Improvement,” he quips.

You can watch the presidential death match in the YouTube video below.

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