Is Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on tonight, July 9th?

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Is Last Week Tonight with John Oliver going to be on the usual time tonight on HBO with an all new episode? Here at Last Night On, we’ve got the answer!

It’s another Sunday, and another good day for an all new episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. So will there be a new episode for all of us fans to lay our eyes upon tonight?

Unfortunately, that answer for this week is a big, fat NO. The Olive man is currently on a vacation from television, taking a few weeks off before coming out with some new shows. As much as all of us would love to have Oliver working on new shows every day of the week, the truth is that the man deserves a little break.

Oliver’s absence from HBO will extend to the end of the month. The next new episode of Last Week Tonight won’t air until July 30th. That means we’re going to somehow make it through the rest of this month without having Oliver entertaining us on Sunday nights!

Oliver has been creating a lot of controversy lately. After spending an episode taking on the greed of those at the top of the coal industry, Oliver found himself the subject of a new lawsuit. For their part, however, HBO is standing right by him.

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So, again, there is no new episode of Last Week Tonight on tonight. Hopefully you’ll find something else fun to get into tonight instead. But mark down his return on July 30th on your calendar!