‘Gotham’ actor Donal Logue finds missing teen daughter

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Two weeks after being reported as missing in New York City, Gotham actor Donal Logue’s daughter Jade has been located safe and sound.

And it’s looking like we’ve got a happy ending to this troubling story!

A couple weeks back, actor Donal Logue (Gotham‘s Harvey Bullock) reported his teenage daughter as missing. Desperate to find her, he turned to the public for help, encouraging anyone who knew anything to come forward. On both Facebook and Twitter, Logue was basically begging for someone, anyone, to help find her.

Two weeks passing by with no update would certainly be horrifying fomr Logue’s point of view as a father. Fortunately, however, USAToday is reporting a happy ending to this story. Apparently, according to the New York Police Department, Logue’s daughter has been found and is now safe. Exactly how or where she was found was not specified, but the important thing is that she is now home.

Just two days ago, Logue posted a photo of himself and his daughter as a young child, pleading for her to come home. Panic was surely setting in, so I couldn’t be happier to see a positive conclusion. The details of where she went and how she was found aren’t so important. What matters is that she is now safe.

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Gotham has wrapped its third season on Fox, but the series has been renewed for a fourth. Expect to see Logue reprise his role of Harvey Bullock when the popular Batman origin series returns to Fox.