Is Saturday Night Live on tonight, July 8th, 2017?

Credit: NBC
Credit: NBC /

Is Saturday Night Live back with an all new episode tonight, and if so, who is hosting? We’ve got the answers for you in this article!

It’s another Saturday, and if you’re a fan of Saturday Night Live, you’re asking if there’s going to be a new episode tonight. In that same vein, you’re wondering who will be hosting. Well, I have answers, but unfortunately, it isn’t good news.

Currently, Saturday Night Live is off the air for its summer break. That means that NOSNL won’t be airing a new episode tonight at the usual time on NBC. And the show will continue to be off the air until it comes back for Season 43 this fall.

Don’t worry about the show getting the axe from NBC. Season 42 posted some of the best numbers the show has had in decades. NBC is no doubt impressed with the upswing in the show’s viewership, and there’s no danger of seeing it go off the air anytime soon.

Alec Baldwin playing Donald Trump is definitely one of this past season’s highlights. With the Trumpster stinking up the Oval Office for the next few years, it’s looking like this will be a regular gig for Baldwin. There’s already talk about him winning an Emmy for the role, so hopefully he’ll be showing up just as frequently as the faux president next season.

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So, again, there is no SNL tonight, or in the near future at all. The series will likely arrive in late September or early October for new episodes.