Bill Maher upsets PC crowd again with another ‘racist’ joke

Bill Maher - Credit: HBO
Bill Maher - Credit: HBO /

Weeks after dropping the N-bomb on an episode of Real Time, Bill Maher is under fire once again after tweeting a ‘racist’ joke.

You never know when Bill Maher is going to ruffle some feathers next!

A little while ago, Maher angered quite a lot of people due to a joke he made during a Real Time interview. Given the suggestion of working in the fields outside, Maher quipped that he couldn’t because he’s a “house [N-word]”. Maher faced heavy backlash as a result, even getting schooled for it by Ice Cube on his own show. The Real Time host has since apologized.

But you know Maher. The man just can’t resist creating controversy. So it seems that now that the previous story is dying down, Maher found a way to grind people’s gears all over again. This time, it comes in the form of a joke on Twitter, which some are saying is racist towards Asians. Take a look at the tweet below:

News outlets such as DailyMail are now reporting on the outrage some of those are feeling because of the tweet. Of course, it’s referring to the stereotype that Koreans work in nail salons. While it doesn’t come close to the level of offensiveness of the “house [N-word]” joke, it’s still apparently enough to light a fire in the PC crowd.

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As of now, Maher has not deleted the tweet, nor has he apologized or otherwise acknowledged it. But the man is also on vacation — so he’s probably just thinking, “f**k it, I’ll deal with it later.”