John Oliver blasts TV giant Sinclair over ‘conservative bias’

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Last Week Tonight host John Oliver took aim at the Sinclair Broadcast Group last night, slamming the TV giant for their conservative bias.

Add the Sinclair Broadcast Group to John Oliver’s ever growing list of enemies!

Last night on Last Week Tonight, Oliver devoted the bulk of the program to the SBG. Oliver explains that Sinclair is gearing up to merge with Tribune Media, a move which would see the consolidation of local TV networks. And with Sinclair driving what kind of stories get delivered to the news programs, this merge could see a sudden heavy increase in conservatively-biased coverage.

Oliver compares the conservative bias of Sinclair to that of Fox News, which is notorious for it. The Last Week Tonight host notes that they send “scripts” of news story to the stations, which always tilt heavy to the right. One such script was to suggest that the Michael Flynn investigation is a politically motivated hoax. And, wouldn’t you know it, Sinclair anchors all but say that Trump is completely innocent.

Having this kind of material is expected on conservative talk radio or on Fox News. But to have it injected into nearly 75% of American household televisions. That’s really what makes this potential merger such a scary thing.

You can watch the whole take down in the YouTube video below.

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As always, you can catch more of Oliver in future episodes of Last Week Tonight! The show airs Sunday nights at 11PM EST on HBO, though it’s taking a hiatus for a few weeks. It officially returns on July 30.