Donald Trump tweets himself beating up CNN in WWE ring

Credit: WWE
Credit: WWE /

President of the United States and WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump tweeted a parody video of himself attacking ‘CNN’ in a wrestling ring.

Donald Trump is back in the WWE, taking on his longtime arch-nemesis, the CNN network!

Alright, so not really. That’s just the narrative presented in a video President Trump posted on his Twitter account. Obviously frustrated with the way he is presented on CNN, Trump is now imagining the network taking the form of a person… so he can give it a running clothesline.

The clip shows a video taken from an actual WWE wrestling match. Someone has edited in the CNN logo onto a man’s head, and President Trump tackles him. The Trumpster throws in several jabs with his baby hands for good measure, really dishing it out to the network.

Take a look at the tweet embedded below, straight from Mr. Trump’s Twitter account:

The real Donald Trump is actually featured in this video, with only the CNN logo being edited in. It comes from a Wrestlemania match featuring Bobby Lashley against Umaga. When evil chairman Vince McMahon tried to interfere in the match, Trump tackled him, punching him in the face several times. We’re guessing that the two have since smoothed things over, as Trump is now in the WWE Hall of Fame, and Vince’s wife Linda is now in Trump’s cabinet.

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It’s worth noting that the only time Trump has ever “won” a fight has been in the scripted world of pro wrestling. But as it’s his the only real victory he can claim, he’s sticking to it, tweeting clips from it all these years later as president.

Sometimes, real life is somehow stranger than the insane storylines you see on WWE TV.