Bill Maher monologue rips Donald Trump over Twitter tirade

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For his monologue on the new episode of Real Time, Bill Maher verbally shredded Donald Trump because of the president’s newest Twitter feud.

Nobody can tear apart President Trump the way Bill Maher does!

On last night’s Real Time, host Bill Maher had no choice but to bring up the new Trump Twitter feud. Morning Joe‘s Mika Brzezinski recently found herself the target of Trump’s newest “poop tweets”, as Maher refers to them. Taking to Twitter (presumably on the sh*tter), Maher totally schooled the “Real Housewife of Pennsylvania Avenue” over this pointless new feud.

Maher explains to his viewers about the tweets, in which Trump accuses Brzezinski of cozying up to him while her face was bleeding from a facelift. Maher jokes that the loud slapping sound we all heard the day before was every American simultaneously face-palming. The Real Time host notes that, once again, Trump is proving that “he could never be too rich to be white trash.”

“If you’re going to go after a woman’s appearance, first make sure you’re not a fat, old man with orange facepaint,” Maher adds, laughing at Trump “pretending” to be a blonde at the age of 71. Maher jokes that Trump mocking someone for delaying their aging means nothing coming from “the man who glues dryer lint to his head.”

The Real Time host then suggests somebody just get Trump one of those toy phones from Leap Frog. This way, he can play with it on the toilet all he wants without starting an inane Twitter war. Maher jokes that it has the added benefit of having no small parts for him to choke on.

You can watch the rest of the new monologue in the YouTube video below.

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Maher will always be there to school the president every week, and nobody else does it quite like he does. Be sure to catch new episodes of Real Time every Friday night at 10 p.m. EST on HBO.