Stephen Colbert: Donald Trump’s new Twitter feud is a ‘buffet of sh-t’

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After Donald Trump attacked Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski on Twitter, Stephen Colbert used the opportunity to verbally demolish the president.

Donald Trump may want to call all of the king’s horses and all the king’s men, because after this verbal lashing from Stephen Colbert, he’s going to need someone to put him back together again!

As most of us know, President Trump isn’t just an imbecile. He’s also mean, most often for no particular reason. The newest example of that comes from Trump’s Twitter assault towards Mika Brzezinski. Trump has been making headlines after posting these tweets, which accuse Brzezinski (allegedly bleeding from a botched facelift) of trying to cozy up to him.

Mocking Trump for the hateful tweet, Colbert has trouble knowing where to even begin, calling it a “buffet of sh-t.” But he manages to find a starting point, noting Trump refusing to open his door for a “bleeding” Brzezinski. “First of all, someone bleeding badly at your door, and you say no? It sounds like your healthcare plan,” Colbert begins.

The Late Show host then showcases some of the “reviews” the tweets have gotten from bloggers online. One of them labeled the incident as Trump hitting a new low. “No, it’s the same low,” Colbert clarifies, insisting Trump has always been this awful. “There are giant squid looking down at America right now,” he adds, as we’re clearly already on the bottom.

Colbert then showcases some various tweets from various names, slamming Trump for this twitter. It includes a tweet from Lindsay Graham saying that this was what was wrong with American politics. To that, Colbert disagrees, saying, “this is what’s wrong with the American president.”

You can watch the monologue in the YouTube video below.

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