Stephen Colbert and God spoke about the evils of fidget spinners

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To tell Stephen Colbert’s viewers about the inherent evil of fidget spinners, God made a personal appearance on last night’s The Late Show.

Many parents throughout the nation have got to be getting annoyed by this fidget spinner craze. But perhaps our heavenly father is the one that dislikes them the most.

Last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, God made an appearance to talk about the new fad. Of course, “God” in this case is simply an animation complete with a booming voiceover. After having God appear on the show several times before, Colbert has brought him back to this time joke about the new controversy with fidget spinners in the Catholic church.

Apparently, the church is “freaking out” about fidget spinners. Some are actually claiming that the toy represents the Holy Trinity. Colbert does his best to explain exactly what that is, adding, “if you’re confused, welcome to Catholicism.” So to help demonstrate, Colbert uses a diagram to show why some actually believe the fidget spinners relate to the religion.

Speaking on the controversy a little further, the almighty one Himself suddenly appears in the rafters. The twist? Even God has a fidget spinner, and says that there is nothing blasphemous about using them. In fact, God supports using them to represent the Holy Trinity, saying, “That’s the only way I can keep it straight!”

You can watch God’s newest Colbert appearance in the YouTube video below.

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