Donald Trump’s newest Twitter feud leaves Seth Meyers speechless

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President Donald Trump’s new Twitter war with Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski is so utterly baffling, not even Seth Meyers knows what to say.

Donald Trump has gone after one of the Morning Joe hosts, and Seth Meyers… just… can’t…

If you don’t know the story, let me back up for a minute. Per typical Donald Trump, the president attacked one of his enemies on Twitter, this time Morning Joe‘s Mika Brzezinski. In a nutshell, he accuses her of desperately trying to cozy up to him, all the while her face was bleeding from a recent facelift. “I said no!” the toddler-sounding Trump made sure to add in his tweet.

Hilariously enough, Brzezinski had a response that was much more simple, yet far more effective. She posted a tweet showing the back of a Cheerios cereal box with a small child’s hands. The phrase “Made for little hands” is shown in big letters — a direct shot at Trump’s longstanding sensitivity to being mocked for having baby-sized hands.

Seeing the POTUS feeling the need to attack a morning television talk show host on Twitter seems baffling to those of us with common sense. That’s not lost on Seth Meyers, who bashed the president for the Twitter feud on Late Night. Reaching new levels of stupidity, the situation just leaves Meyers literally speechless, as he can only just look at the camera and exclaim, “… I can’t.”

You can watch the video in the embedded YouTube video below, courtesy of Late Night and NBC.

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Trump’s new ways of reaching more lows stuns even the best of us. But we can always watch Seth Meyers to his best to make sense of it. Catch Late Night every weeknight at 12:35 a.m. EST on NBC.