Colbert reveals why Mitch McConnell delayed healthcare bill


Laughing about the (not very) shocking postponing of the Senate’s healthcare bill, Stephen Colbert reveals the real reason why Mitch McConnell delayed it.

According to Stephen Colbert, the official slogan of the Senate’s healthcare bill should be changed to “Delayed and Postponed”!

Last night on The Late Show, Colbert spent some time speaking about the Senate’s new healthcare bill. With many calling it much more cruel than even the House bill, it’s earning the GOP a lot of criticism. The heavy backlash hasn’t gone unnoticed by the White House, and Mitch McConnell has officially postponed the bill.

Colbert brought up the intense pressure McConnell and his crones are under to rush this bill through the Senate. However, ultimately, McConnell wound up postponing voting on the bill until after Independence Day. Colbert suggests this could be the reason for McConnell postponing the bill as he wanted to wait until after the barbecue. “One thing I will pass is this delicious potato salad,” Colbert imagines him as saying.

But the real reason for the postponing, as Colbert explains, is that it’s incredibly obvious the GOP would lose. And, honestly, that is the only reason. With 22 million people set to lose health coverage under this bill, even many Republicans were already refusing to sign it. And that’s not even considering the other terrible provisions, such as yanking Medicaid.

You can watch the monologue in the embedded YouTube video below!

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