Chelsea wants Donald Trump to explain his fake TIME covers

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After being caught hanging up faked TIME magazine covers with his face on them, Donald Trump is being asked to explain by Chelsea Handler.

President Trump has been caught being dishonest yet again!

Recently, news starting hitting the headlines about some apparent TIME magazine covers, hanging in framed display cases at various Trump properties. These covers depict Trump on the cover, as if he were featured on it for practically every issue. He wasn’t — the covers are all fake, as TIME has officially confirmed by asking him to take them down.

But Chelsea Handler wants more than to just have the Trumpster take the phony covers off the walls. How about an explanation for why he did it in the first place? I mean, the answer is fairly obvious. The guy is an egomaniac and he wants to make himself look more amazing than he actually is (which is to say, not at all).

Still, watching him trying to squirm his way through answering that question would be quite entertaining. Perhaps that’s how Chelsea feels as well, based on her latest tweet. Using the hashtag #Adventoffake, Handler is publicly calling on all reporters to ask for an explanation from the Trumpster. Now, let’s just hope somebody is listening and asks Trump directly about this embarrassment.

You can take a look at the embedded tweet below.

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