Seth Meyers exposes why Donald Trump wants private prisons

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On yesterday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers questioned why Donald Trump supports private prisons, and a little digging was all it took to find out.

If President Trump is involved with something, ANYTHING, you can be sure he has an agenda.

Those who follow the news know how much of a disaster Trump’s presidency has been. This FBI investigation into he and his crones’ ties to Russia has been hitting his image hard. But that’s far from the only suspicious activities the Trumpster is up to, as Seth Meyers sought to prove on Late Night.

Last year, then-President Obama had the Department of Justice start winding down contract prisons. In short, these “prisons for profit” are designed to lock up as many people as possible; doing so puts more and more money into their pockets. It’s one of the reasons why the United States has a ridiculously high percentage of its citizens locked up in cages.

So… why is Trump undoing Obama’s work and reinvigorating private prisons?!

The truth is, private prison companies donated huge money to Trump’s inauguration and even more into a pro-Trump Super PAC. He’s apparently repaying the favor, as he’s reversing Obama’s decision to fade out private prisons. With Trump in the Oval Office, the shady industry has done a 180 and is back on the rise. Trump is basically “a gift” to the prisons for profit industry, but not so much for the taxpayers, who will be the ones stuck with the bill.

You can watch the entire bit in the YouTube video below.

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