Seth Meyers says Trump fell into Obama’s troll trap

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Seth Meyers is mocking Donald Trump for rushing to take credit for something Barack Obama did, saying Trump fell for a trolling.

President Trump, you just got trolled!

Here at Last Night On, I’ve been spending several days talking about the newest version of Trumpcare. This new health bill is somehow even more horrendous than the last one Trump tried to shove through the system. As you can expect, all of the late night comics have been ripping the orange president a new one over all of this.

Attempting to do some damage control for the backlash the bill is receiving, Trump went onto TV for an interview. This was after rumors were swirling that Trump himself called the bill “mean”, only for the White House to deny he ever said any such thing. While Trump was avoiding confirming whether or not he said that, his predecessor Barack Obama found a way to get him to spill the beans.

On last night’s Late Night, Seth Meyers showed the clip where Trump was told about how Obama called the bill “mean”. This effectively forced Trump to retort that Obama used his word, saying that “mean” his Trump’s term, as if he had a patent on it. But all this really did was prove what Trump’s team were trying to deny.

“You’re not supposed to admit to that! Obama trolled you, you’re so easy,” Meyers laughs.

You can watch Seth’s take down in the YouTube video below.

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Trump, you just got burned, once again! Sometimes, I almost feel bad laughing so hard at Trump, because it can’t be easy having the entire world mocking you. The key word in the previous sentence, however, is almost.

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