Chelsea Handler: GOP health care bill says ‘No Girls Allowed’

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After taking a look at the latest rendition of the GOP health care bill, Chelsea Handler is saying it’s basically just a big ‘No Girls Allowed’ club.

Why do we love Chelsea Handler? Because she’s brutally honest, and always hysterical at the same time.

Recently, Donald Trump and his best buddies have come up with a new Obamacare replacement bill. It was obvious they had something to hide, as the details of the bill were mostly hashed out behind closed doors by Mitch McConnell. After those hidden details emerged last week, it has been getting blasted by everyone in the country with common decency — even many Republicans.

Certainly, the late night talk show hosts have had a fun week picking apart how awful this bill truly is. For her part, Chelsea host Chelsea Handler took to Twitter to share her thoughts on this bill. Of the 142 page bill, Handler jokes that 140 pages of it simply read the message “NO GIRLS ALLOWED”.

You can take a look at the biting tweet below.

Handler’s totally right, although she’s also taking it a little easy on the GOP bill. It’s not just the ladies that wind up as the biggest losers. The elderly, poor, and sick will all be struggling as well. Basically, if you’re not a billionaire, or at least close friends with Donald Trump, this bill doesn’t have any good news for you.

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