Chelsea Handler makes Mike Pence for President ad

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With a Donald Trump impeachment seemingly imminent, Chelsea Handler has taken the liberty of making a Mike Pence for President parody ad.

We could be months, weeks, or even days away from saying bye bye to Donald Trump. The man is swimming in controversy, and only seems to be digging himself deeper. Talks of impeachment have been around since the start, but lately, they’re increasing ten fold.

This hasn’t gone unnoticed by Chelsea Handler. Taking to her Netflix series Chelsea, Handler has taken it upon herself to make a Mike Pence for President ad. Hey, if the Trumpster is getting ever nearer to getting the boot, then this is definitely not outside the realm of possibility!

In the parody ad, the video opens up with some of Trump’s biggest blunders. This includes his remark about grabbing women by the, uh, nether regions. It also points out his notorious decision to fire Sally Yates and that time he had two scoops of ice cream instead of one. In other words, Trump “was there for every single controversial moment”, and he is on his way out the door.

In his place is Mike Pence, who “wasn’t there” for any of these events. Supposedly, he was kept in the dark, as if he had been in a closet the whole time. So, as the video suggests, we should embrace him as our president when Trump leaves within the next couple months.

You can watch the faux ad in the video below.

Just to be sure nobody takes her too seriously, though, Handler made sure to throw in a clarification at the end, saying, “Just kidding. Mike Pence is also a crazy motherf–ker.”

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