Sophie Turner’s blonde hair is worrying ‘Game of Thrones’ fans

Credit - HBO
Credit - HBO /

Sophie Turner, who plays fan favorite Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones, has fans heavily concerned for her character after seeing her hairstyle.

Is Sansa saying sayonara? Say it isn’t so!

Next month, the widely popular television series Game of Thrones is coming back for its seventh season. The fans, of course, are dying. But not as much as the cast of the show — Game of Thrones is notorious for killing off main characters, no matter how popular they might be.

Ahead of the new season’s premiere, rumors are now swirling about Sansa Stark. Namely, fans are starting to believe that Sansa isn’t long for the new season. For proof, some are pointing to the blonde hairstyle by Sophie Turner, the actress who portrays the red-haired Sansa on the show. Fans discovering the actress on her Instagram account are seeing the blonde hair and freaking out.

Here’s the good news: the blonde hair makes no difference. In fact, it was last year when Turner first dyed it back to blonde (as it’s her natural color). Back then, some fans were freaking out as well. This year, others are noticing the blonde and thinking the same thing.

But as it turns out, Turner wears a wig while filming the series. So, for all that matters, she could dye her hair rainbow colors and stay on the TV series.

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Whether Sansa survives or not remains to be seen. We’ll just have to find out by tuning in when the show returns to HBO. Game of Thrones premieres on the network on Sunday, July 16.