Is Saturday Night Live on tonight, June 24th?

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump - Courtesy of NBC
Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump - Courtesy of NBC /

Is Saturday Night Live back with an all new episode tonight, June 24th, 2017? We have the answer here at Last Night On!

It’s another Saturday today, and perhaps you’re thinking, “Is Saturday Night Live new tonight?”

Well, the answer to that question just might disappoint you. No, SNL isn’t on tonight. The show is currently on hiatus for the summer break, following an excellent Season 42 run. We won’t be seeing any new episodes until the fall, sometime around late September or early October.

The 42nd season of the series has given the show a resurgence in popularity. In fact it has been the most watched season of the show in about twenty-two years. They are on a roll, so hopefully that momentum will continue when the show returns after the break.

There has also been early talk of Alec Baldwin winning an Emmy for his portrayal on the show of Donald Trump. This is something I would absolutely love to see, and there’s apparently a great chance of it happening. That will only help the show going forward.

However, at least three faces won’t be showing up when the show comes back. Vanessa Bayer, Bobby Moynihan, and Sasheer Zamata have all departed the series.

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So there won’t be a new Saturday Night Live tonight. But that’s alright. Go out and do something fun! It’s the summertime after all. And be sure to tune back in when Season 43 premieres this fall!