Kids play musical chairs for health care with Jimmy Kimmel

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With health care concerns being the big news story of the week, Jimmy Kimmel jokingly had a group of kids playing a children’s game for health care.

This new health care bill being pushed by the Senate isn’t pretty. It’s threatening the health care coverage for millions of Americans across the nation. One of the groups of people which will be harmed by this bill are the youngest among us, the children of the country.

Although children may perhaps be most affected, how much do they really know about health care, anyway? Jimmy Kimmel set out to find out on Jimmy Kimmel Live for a new segment. In the bit, Kimmel speaks to actual schoolchildren to find out what they know about our health care system.

Talking to the children, Kimmel does learn some interesting thoughts they have to share. “Should people who have money help [sick people] get better?” Kimmel asks. For the children, it’s a no-brainer, with a confident “Of course!” quickly answering that question.

To try to explain what’s going on to the kids on their level, Jimmy then gets into a game of musical chairs. The kids must walk around empty chairs, sitting in one once the music stops playing. Whoever doesn’t have a chair “doesn’t have health care” Kimmel jokes, and goes into the routine, leaving one little kid without coverage.

“How come if I lose, I don’t get health care?” one little girl asks. “Well, that’s the question we’re all asking,” Kimmel replies. It’s so easy a kid can understand it, yet Trump still seems completely clueless.

You can watch the health care discussion and Musical Chairs game below.

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