Trevor Noah destroys Trump’s terrible new healthcare bill

Credit: Comedy Central
Credit: Comedy Central /

The details are coming out about the GOP’s new Trumpcare bill, and The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah is obliterating it for how truly terrible it is.

As we now know, the grimy details Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump were hiding about the new healthcare bill are disturbing. While giving huge tax cuts to only the very wealthy, it makes incredibly deep cuts to services like Medicaid. In fact, the cuts are exponentially worse than the previous House bill that failed spectacularly.

“You see, the House bill was like a rapper. It was gonna screw people hard and fast,” Trevor Noah jokes on The Daily Show. “The Senate bill is like Barry White. It’s gonna go slower, but so much deeper, baby!” The comparison is perhaps a bit too visual, but all the same, it’s a perfect analogy.

Noah goes on to show how massively unpopular the bill is across the country, and talks about the consequences of pushing it through. For apparent damage control, Trump seems to be going on rallies to rally the people back on his side. Noah plays some clips of Trump speaking his usual inane statements, and is completely baffled by how people just eat right up anything he tells them. The Daily Show jokes that Trump could literally say “I’m with Hillary!” and his supporters would still just start cheering instantly.

You can watch Noah tell it best in the YouTube video below.

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Of course, Trump is only going to call this exposure “fake news”. But sadly, it’s horrifyingly real. Let’s hope that more and more of those Trump is hypnotizing can snap out of it and see that.

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