Trump takes credit for Panama Canal, Seth Meyers responds

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President Donald Trump is facing criticism after taking credit for the Panama Canal, and Seth Meyers is putting him on blast for it.

Oh, Trump… is there anything you won’t say?!

In all seriousness, every day brings a new embarrassment for Donald Trump. He’s bound to do or say something to make himself look like a complete idiot. One of his newest gaffes came during a meeting with the president of Panama, which saw Trump attempt to take credit for building the Panama Canal.

The problem with that, of course, is that the Panama Canal was built in 1914. Taking credit for something that happened over a hundred years ago has earned Trump some heavy mockery from Late Night host Seth Meyers. On last night’s show, Meyers kicks off his monologue by bringing up the incident, suggesting that if he’s going to “say stuff this dumb in front of other world leaders,” he should at least wear a big bandage on his head.

Meyers spent some more time talking about the incident for his “A Closer Look” segment. Video footage of the meeting between Trump and the Panama president is shown. Trump actually comments that “we did a good job with” the Panama Canal. Hilariously enough, even president of Panama responds under his breath that it was a hundred years ago.

“There’s a good chance someone on Trump’s team told him we just finished building it,” Meyers jokes. You can watch that whole segment in the video below.

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