Colbert exposes how Donald Trump can’t keep his story straight

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On last night’s Late Show monologue, Stephen Colbert blasted Donald Trump and his legal team for their inability to even keep their story straight.

Is Donald Trump currently under investigation?

Yes he is. Actually, no he’s not. I mean, he is. Or… he’s not? Who even knows anymore at this point. If you were to ask Donald Trump or his lawyers, there’s no telling which answer they’ll give you at any given moment. In other words, they’re contradicting each other’s stories, and things are getting confusing.

That’s the subject Stephen Colbert took aim at in his newest Late Show monologue. He starts by bringing up the denial from Trump’s lawyer that the president was under investigation, only for Trump himself to say that he is via Twitter. Colbert suggests to Trump that the phrase “lawyer up” should really mean for him to “get a lawyer and shut up.”

Colbert then gets into the insane lengths Trump’s lawyers are going to defend him, including appearing on virtually every network on TV to do so. Consistently, it’s denial after denial that Trump is being investigation. That is, until Colbert finds footage of Trump’s lawyer slipping in that Trump “is being investigated by the Department of Justice.” Wow… so which is it?

Somehow, it only gets more ridiculous from there. You can watch the monologue in the YouTube video below.

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