Kimmel’s new prank has people scream ‘I love you!’ at dad

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Jimmy Kimmel’s Father’s Day prank for 2017 had his viewers screaming “I love you!” at their fathers, and you can watch the video results here.

The pranks and “YouTube Challenges” Jimmy Kimmel does are always amazing, and this new one is no exception!

In years past, Kimmel has had his viewers pull off funny pranks on their fathers for Father’s Day. We’ve seen people do things to their dads like serving breakfast to them in the shower, or even dumping the food on them in bed. This year, Kimmel wanted to do something a little different by bringing some love into the joke.

The goal of this YouTube Challenge is simple. Kimmel asks his viewers to record themselves sneaking up on their fathers. They would then scream “I love you!” at the poor dads as loud as they could, resulting in quite a many jump scare. I’m betting none of the fathers in this video had the slightest idea this was coming!

Although nobody likes to be suddenly woken up from a deep sleep with someone screaming at them, this joke is still rather touching. As you can expect the fathers are (hopefully) quick to forgive once they realize the whole point of the gag was to be told “I love you” on Father’s Day.

You can watch the entire compilation in the YouTube video below.

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