Alec Baldwin likely to win Emmy for Donald Trump portrayal

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump - Courtesy of NBC
Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump - Courtesy of NBC /

Donald Trump may think his portrayal by Alec Baldwin on SNL “stinks”, but the actor is still probably going to win an Emmy Award for the role.

We can add another television event that the Commander-in-Chief is going to want to skip.

This past season, Saturday Night Live has seen some of its biggest ratings in decades. In fact, Season 42 was the most-watched season of the show in over 20 years. Certainly, the show owes a lot of that success to Alec Baldwin and his burning portrayals of Donald Trump.

Infamously, Trump himself is not a fan of the segments. He has complained about them on Twitter, going so far as to say Baldwin’s mockery of him “stinks”. The American public disagreed, and Baldwin’s Trump has since become a fixture in pop culture.

In fact, the portrayal is so iconic, that it’s very likely to win Baldwin an Emmy for Best Comedy Supporting Actor. Gold Derby has found that experts from nearly every major entertainment website is predicting as much, including TV Guide, Variety, Deadline, and Rolling Stone.

Alec Baldwin explains how he transforms himself into the president.

Should Baldwin win this Emmy, he can set it on his mantle right next to his two Best Comedy Actor Emmies from 30 Rock. And that’s not even considering the many more nominations he’s had on top of that. The actor has long been a mainstay in the comedy genre, but his SNL role as Trump is arguably his most popular role yet. Here’s hoping he actually wins this Emmy because it’s thoroughly well-deserved.

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Saturday Night Live may be on break for the summer, not due to return until the fall. And I’d be shocked if the very first episode of Season 43 doesn’t start with Alec Baldwin as Trump. He’s currently the star of the show.