Fake Melania returns to Colbert and bashes Donald Trump

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Stephen Colbert interviewed a hilariously convincing Melania Trump impersonator last night about her recent move into the White House.

On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night, Colbert spoke about Melania Trump moving into the White House. After five months of living apart, she’s sharing the same household with the Donald again. Colbert says that for her, it must feel like a second honeymoon — “and for Donald, his fourth.”

To tell us more about the recent move on how things are going, Colbert then introduced Melania Trump live via satellite. Of course, he didn’t really manage to get the first lady to appear on the show. Rather, he got the next best thing — a convincingly hilarious impersonator.

Colbert and Melania talk about the move, with Melania noting that she only packed the essentials. This includes a framed photograph of the moment she slapped away her husband’s hand, which was captured on video. Melania claimss that the story was fake news, saying “it wasn’t a slap. His hands are so small, I thought it was mosquito.”

Perhaps the funniest moment was when Colbert mentions that people are talking about impeaching Donald Trump. “They are?!” Melania excitedly exclaims, before catching herself and feigning disapproval. One can’t help but wonder if the real Melania Trump is feeling the exact same way.

You can watch Colbert’s interview with “Melania” in the video below.

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Fake Melania Trump is always hilarious, and here’s hoping she’ll come back again on future episodes of The Late Show. Catch the show weeknights at 11:30 pm EST on CBS.