Snoop Dogg returns to Kimmel for more ‘Plizzanet Earth’

Credit: ABC
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Legendary rapper Snoop Dogg returned to Jimmy Kimmel Live for a new edition of Plizzanet Earth, the “nature show” featuring actual voiceovers from Snoop.

More Plizzanet Earth? Yes please!

If you’re not aware of this new bit on Jimmy Kimmel Live, I’ll clue you in. As we all know, Snoop Dogg has a very unique way of speaking, with a voice and vernacular that’s unmistakably his. Jimmy Kimmel, realizing this, brought in Snoop to do a segment called Plizzanet Earth, a faux nature show featuring narration by the rapper.

Ol’ Snoop has done a few of these before, and they’re some of the funniest recurring gags from Kimmel. Fortunately, the D-O-Double-G is back in action with some more, and this time, it’s the reptile edition! The new episode is pitting an iguana against countless hungry snakes… will he survive?

When watching the video, Snoop tells it like it is as only he can. He roots for the lizard as it escapes one close call after another, with snakes swooping in from every angle. Commenting on the iguana’s escape tactics, Snoop says it reminds him of his “homeboys when they’re running from the police”.

You can watch the all-reptile edition of Plizzanet Earth in the video below.

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We can only hope Snoop comes back again and again to keep the Plizzanet Earth videos coming! They’re certainly one of the best running gags on Kimmel’s show. Catch new episodes of Jimmy Kimmel Live every weeknight at 11:35 pm EST on ABC.