Colbert mocks Donald Trump for denying Comey accusations

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President Donald Trump is denying having told Comey to drop the Flynn investigation, but Colbert has a problem with his awkward denial.

This entire James Comey fiasco has been nothing but bad news for Donald Trump. To recap the story, let’s go through it again really quick. The FBI Director, James Comey, had been spearheading an investigation to Trump and his cohorts’ alleged Russian ties.

One of Trump’s crones, Michael Flynn, had been forced to resign after covering up secret meetings with Russian officials. Since then, there have been accusations that Trump had been pressuring Comey to “drop” the Flynn investigation. Now, it’s all led to Trump having to answer as to whether to really put the heat on Comey about Flynn.

As Colbert points out on last night’s Late Show, Trump’s defense is pretty horrid. Basically, it equates to Trump completely denying the allegations. But he’s still sure to point out that if he had done what he’s being accused of, it would have been totally OK.

“Officer, I did not steal that car. And there would be nothing wrong if I did, because stealing’s not illegal, right?” Colbert mocks Trump as saying. “Okay, then put me down for ‘didn’t do it’,” he adds, perfectly summarizing Trump’s poor attempt at a defense.

You can watch Colbert’s take on the subject in the YouTube video below.

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