Bill Maher calls on “soft” Democrats to toughen up

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Frustrated with how complacent Democrats are with losing, Bill Maher is demanding they toughen up and beat Republicans at their own game.

Last night on Real Time, host Bill Maher spoke about his frustrations with the Democrats. He is tired of seeing them losing so many elections. Especially irked about a Republican winning an election after bodyslamming a journalist, Maher concludes that the Democrats are just too soft.

The Real Time host theorizes that the reason the left can’t get ahead is because they’re too weak. Donald Trump and other Republicans will say and do some pretty deplorable things. Yet, no matter how bad these controversies seem, they never cost conservatives elections. The problem, Maher surmises, is that people can’t respect the Democrats that just sit there and take it.

“It’s one thing bringing a knife to a gunfight. The Democrats are bringing a covered dish,” Maher jokes. Maher believes the only way to get back ahead is to meet the Republican on their level and start fighting back. “I want some candidate on my team who can at least metaphorically bodyslam the Republicans,” as Maher puts it. “They put a journalist in the hospital? We put a lobbyist in the mall!”

Maher closes his rant by bringing up Republicans’ comments about Hillary Clinton’s private email server use being treason. This really drives Maher mad, noting the hypocrisy. “Her private server was treason? No, Trump being Putin’s private server, THAT’S treason.”

You can watch Maher’s rant in the YouTube video below.

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