Trevor Noah rips Trump over Paris climate withdrawal

Credit: Comedy Central
Credit: Comedy Central /

President Donald Trump made the choice to withdraw from the Paris climate accord, and Trevor Noah is ranting about how scary this decision is.

Yesterday’s big news was the controversy stemming from President Trump withdrawing from the Paris climate accord. This makes the United States only one of three countries to do so. The story has obviously been generating a lot of reactions and as you can expect, the bulk of it is negative.

On last night’s The Daily Show, host Trevor Noah likened Trump’s decision to giving the planet the middle finger. He then gets into the seriousness of this situation and the potential catastrophic consequences which could happen. “We all joke about him destroying the world, but this could be it,” he quips.

Noah points out how literally the only three countries on earth not part of the agreement are Nicaragua, Syria, and now the United States. Every other country on the planet is part of the deal, including Russia, North Korea, and even bitter enemies like Palestine and Israel. But like many of the decisions Trump makes, he’s apparently choosing the make the horribly wrong one once again.

You can check out the entire take down in the YouTube video below.

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Ultimately we will just have to hope for the best and see what happens. In the meantime, we’ve got Trevor Noah to help talk us through it. Catch him on new episodes of The Daily Show, weeknights at 11 p.m. EST on Comedy Central.