Robin Lord Taylor jokes about returning to The Walking Dead

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Gotham star Robin Lord Taylor previously appeared on The Walking Dead, and the actor recently spoke about possibly returning to the hit AMC series.

Back in Season 4 of the popular zombie drama The Walking Dead, budding actor Robin Lord Taylor had a very small role. He played Sam, a straggler whom Rick and Carol meet while out exploring (along with his girlfriend, Ana). Soon after, Sam disappears, leaving audiences to speculate what happened to the character.

Taylor would reprise the role in the Season 5 premiere. It’s revealed that Sam had been captured by the people at Terminus. The group is forced to watch as Sam gets his head bashed in and then his throat slashed. That certainly spells the end of Sam’s run on the series for good… or does it?

According to, Taylor spoke on his Walking Dead role at a recent Gotham panel in London. Upon being asked if he would like to reprise his role as Sam on the show, Taylor had this to say:

"“Absolutely. If I did come back, I would obviously be a walker. It would be kind of difficult because they slit my throat, bashed my brains in and burned the building down [laughs]. I think it’s safe to say that Sam is swimming with the fishes now.”"

Okay, so, obviously this has a zero percent chance of ever actually happening. But it’s still funny to see Taylor joking about the possibility.

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Sam may be long gone, but as the Penguin, Robin Lord Taylor has found himself a role so much greater. Catch Gotham Monday nights at 8:00 p.m. EST on FOX.