Trevor Noah is laughing about Trump’s disastrous trip

Courtesy of Comedy Central / Youtube
Courtesy of Comedy Central / Youtube /

On last night’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah couldn’t but help laugh as he went through Donald Trump’s most embarrassing moments from his overseas trip.

Recently, President Donald Trump flew abroad for his first overseas trip as Commander in Chief. And because he’s a president that clearly doesn’t know what he’s doing, there were bound to be some missteps. Certainly enough for Trevor Noah to spend some time laughing about on last night’s Daily Show.

On the program, Noah gets into the details of the trip. He highlights the most humiliating moments for Trump as well as some of the awful things the president has done while abroad.

For example, Trump struck a deal with Saudi Arabia to sell them $110 billion worth of weapons. Yes, he worked out a deal with the same people he accused of orchestrating 9/11, as Noah points out. “Alright, you gotta promise you’re not gonna use these to do another 9/11,” Noah imitates Trump as saying.

Embarrassing moments for the Donald are put on display as well. That includes the infamous moment captured on film of Trump reaching for Melania’s hand, only for her to slap it away. Noah plays a clip of Fox News anchors defending it by saying it wasn’t really a “slap”. To that, Noah quips, “Wow. Leave it to Fox News not to recognize what rejection from a woman looks like.”

You can watch the entire take down yourself by checking out the YouTube video below.

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Despite the blunders, there was one great thing to come out of Trump flying out of the country. It sure felt nice having him be so far away. In fact, it’s rather unfortunate he didn’t just kick his feet up and stay another few days… or years.

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