14 ‘Breaking Bad’ characters on ‘Better Call Saul’

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1. Gustavo Fring

So, we’ve already mentioned Gus several times on this list, so you’re surely aware he’s on this show. Still, I couldn’t help but save him for last. As was made apparent during his run on Breaking Bad, Gus is one hell of a TV villain, and wonderfully, Better Call Saul is giving him the chance to shine even more.

It’s been very interesting checking back in with Gus this season in Saul. He’s back in the yellow work shirt he wears to Los Pollos Hermanos, and just seeing that brings out all kinds of nostalgic feelings. But we know that outside of the chicken joint, Gus is turning into one of the most successful drug kingpins in the area. That is, until, Heisenberg will eventually come into the scene.

Saul gives viewers a chance to fill in many of the blanks of Gus’s back story. We’re seeing how he comes to meet characters like Mike and eventually Saul himself. Sure, we know exactly what will end up happening to Gus, along with most other characters on this new show. Still, it just feels amazing to see them all back on TV again.

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Eventually, I’m sure we will see at least one member of the White family. We’re also bound to see Jesse Pinkman sooner or later, as he clearly knows who Saul is on Breaking Bad. We’ll just have to stay tuned to see who else shows up!