Can Donald Trump solve Stephen Colbert’s basic math question?

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Stephen Colbert took to last night’s Late Show to speak about the insane $2 trillion math error in Trump’s budget, and asks a basic math problem for Trump.

On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night, Colbert kicked things off talking more about that slimy budget proposal. He mentions how not only does it have the issue of nobody like it, it turns out to have a gigantic math error. An error to the tune of two-freaking-trillion dollars.

The Trump team is scrambling to come up with an explanation for this insane error. As Colbert highlights, the best they can come up with is saying this “magic money” will appear from out of nowhere. Of course it’s referring to the infamous “trickle-down economics” system which we all know doesn’t really work.

In fact, this major math error is so embarrassing, there’s really no good explanation.. A former secretary of the treasury even called it “a logical error of the kind that would justify failing a student in an introductory economics course.” If Trump can’t even understand the basics, how can he figure out an entire budget?

In his efforts to help the president, Colbert decided to offer him a basic math question in a pop quiz. “If a train leaves Washington D.C. traveling at 40 miles an hour,” asks Colbert, “Just get on it.” It turns out the “pop quiz” is really just another way of trying to talk Trump into splitting. Hey, if he’s having trouble with basic math, then I suppose this was worth a try!

You can watch Colbert explain Trump’s baffling math error and subsequent “pop quiz” below.

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