Colbert has cartoon Pope Francis roast Donald Trump

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On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, an animated version of Pope Francis showed up to give a scathing roast of President Donald Trump.

Last night, Stephen Colbert spoke about the recent meeting between President Trump and Pope Francis. As Colbert points out, it was doomed to be awkward, considering the time the Pope and Trump squabbled during the campaign.

Colbert then reveals a photograph from the meeting. While Trump is flashing his presidential smile, the Pope looks like he just finished Old Yeller. “Maybe this is the way he acts when he meets world leaders?” Colbert ponders. A picture of an overjoyed Pope laughing with Barack Obama quickly contradicts that. But while Colbert can make jokes about Trump all day, last night he had some help.

The Late Show host brings up a comment Pope Francis made about Trump’s weight. He allegedly asked Melania if she’d been feeding him “potizza”, a high-calorie pastry. For more on that, the Pope himself, by which I mean a cartoon version of him, made a surprise appearance on the show.

The Pope then gets into a straight on roast of Trump, sending several more digs his way. “Jesus taught us to love, and there’s a LOT of him to love, am I right?” the religious leader quips. And that’s just one of a constant stream of jokes the Pope sends Trump’s way.

You can watch the Pope roast the POTUS in the video below.

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