Colbert mocks Donald Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia

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President Donald Trump was clearly out of place during his recent trip to Saudi Arabia, as Stephen Colbert demonstrated on last night’s Late Show.

Kicking off last night’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert seemed to be in a great mood. He’s happy that President Donald Trump is currently overseas for his first foreign trip. His first stop was Saudi Arabia, and the entire ordeal can only be described as awkward at best.

Colbert pointed to an old tweet of Trump’s made during the Obamas’ trip to Saudi Arabia. Trump criticized Michelle Obama for not wearing a scarf, disrespecting the Saudis. But, wouldn’t you know it, Melania came off Air Force One sans scarf when the Trumps came for their visit.

The Late Show host moved on to pointing out another hypocrisy. When Barack Obama visited the Saudi king in 2009, he bowed to receive a medal. The Trumpster gave Obama a ton of flak over that, but what did he do when it came his time to take the medal? Yep, Trump bows — although it is the most incredibly awkward bow you’ll ever see.

Colbert then gets into some of the other embarrassing moments from Trump’s time in Saudi Arabia. This includes video footage of a sword dance celebration Trump obviously felt forced to participate in. Video footage shows Trump looking like he’s dying on the inside, awkwardly fumbling his way through the sword dance. Colbert certainly has a lot of fun with that one.

You can watch the entire take down in the video below.

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I have no doubt Colbert will continue to follow Trump’s overseas tour, and will be right there each weeknight to take him down every step of the way.

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