Stephen Colbert mocks Alex Jones for ‘forced’ apology

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Last night, Stephen Colbert brought back his Alex Jones spoof character Tuck Buckford to poke fun at Jones’ recent ‘forced’ public apology to Chobani.

Infowars host, conspiracy theorist, and performance artist Alex Jones has had a string of bad luck lately. First, his lawyer had to admit in his recent custody battle that Jones is a fraud and that his Infowars persona is fake. Then, Jones wound up losing the case anyway.

But Jones’s ex-wife isn’t the only person fighting with him in court. Jones also recently settled a legal dispute with Chobani for claims of slander. It stems from comments Jones made about Chobani knowingly hiring migrant rapists into their company and spreading tuberculosis. Part of that settlement meant Jones had to issue a public apology, which he did so begrudgingly.

That was certainly embarrassing for Jones, but that’s not the end of it. To pour salt on the wound, Colbert brought back his Alex Jones parody character Tuck Buckford to rip Jones over the whole ordeal. As with previous Tuck Buckford segments, Colbert nails Jones perfectly, and it’s incredibly hilarious.

“Now, a sincere, forced apology,” says Tuck as he kicks off the video. He then offers various apologies for some of the slanderous remarks he’s made about various companies. This includes an “apology” to Virgin Airlines for falsely saying that they “use their planes to spray clouds of Viagra onto our nation’s playgrounds, to incite an anti-government revolution of middle school sex warriors. My bad.”

It’s all insane, but still something you’d plausibly hear from Jones. Watch the video for yourself below.

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As always, this Tuck Buckford segment was hilarious. As long as Jones keeps his Infowars show, it helps to know Colbert can always bring back this character to mock him.