Bill Maher dubs Donald Trump the ‘Orange Sphincter’

Credit: HBO
Credit: HBO /

Because we’re in a nation fascinated with superheroes, Bill Maher gave Donald Trump his own superhero name on Real Time: the Orange Sphincter.

On last night’s Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO, Maher spoke about America’s obsession with superhero fiction. He points to the immense amount of superhero themed TV shows upcoming or on the air, and it’s hard for him to keep up. Even at the multiplex, there seems to be a never-ending stream of superhero movies coming out as well.

Maher expresses his frustration in the country’s fasctination with superheroes. He feels it makes people feel they aren’t in control of their own destinies — that we can just sit back and expect “Star-Lord and a f**king raccoon to sweep in and save our sorry asses.”

The Real Time host then adds that this leads to far too many people believing that just one man can come in and fix all of our problems. That’s what, Maher argues, directly led into how we got our latest superhero — the Orange Sphincter. Of course, he’s talking about President Trump, complete with a graphic of the Donald flying in the air with an “Orange Sphincter” logo underneath him.

Maher describes this “superhero” as coming from “Planet A**hole, sent to save mankind, protected by his power smirk and golden helmet.” There are even names for his allies, including Captain Buzzkill for the stern Mike Pence. But, of course, his ultimate arch-nemesis, whom he will never stop battling with, is the dastardly Crooked Hillary.

You can watch the entire hilarious segment in the YouTube video below.

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Ultimately, we’ll see if Maher’s new nickname for President Trump sticks. I really hope so, because one thing is for sure — Trump wouldn’t like it. Which is all the more reason to use it.