Colbert calls for White House party with Trump gone

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Noticing Donald Trump leaving the country for an overseas trip, Stephen Colbert wants to have a party at the White House to celebrate his absence.

Stephen Colbert kicked off Friday night’s Late Show by talking about President Trump skipping town. The Trumpster is heading overseas for his first trip across the pond as the president.

“And with Trump gone, you know what that means,” Colbert tells his viewers. “We have the whole country to ourselves for the weekend!”

To truly celebrate the occasion of having the controversial president out of the country, Colbert then calls for a party. “Party at the White House, party at the White House!” he tells his viewers. He adds that Vice President Mike Pence is likely already throwing a “rager” this weekend.

You can see Colbert take aim at Trump and talk more about his foreign trip below.

In the clip above, Colbert gets more into the specifics of Trump’s overseas visit. First, he’s heading to Saudi Arabia with plans to “unite the Muslim world” with a speech on radical Islam. “I love Muslims, okay, that’s why I call you radical,” Colbert mocks Trump as saying. He adds, “And I’m hearing great things about this Muhammed guy, I really am.”

After this trip, Trump will go to Israel in light of their recent “little kerfuffle” with the Palestinians. Colbert notes on the awkwardness of this trip after reports of Israel being the source of the intel Trump leaked to Russia. But Colbert jokes Trump will be fine over there, because “it’s not like people over there hold grudges for thousands of years.”

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Finally, Trump is off to meet the Pope. A planning official says the trip has to go well, and there isn’t much room for him to fail. To respond to that, Colbert jokes that Trump “doesn’t need much room to fail, just 140 characters.”

True that, Stephen.