Conan signs new 4-year TV deal with TBS

Conan - Credit: TBS
Conan - Credit: TBS /

TBS is keeping Conan O’Brien on late night TV until at least 2022, as part of a new deal the comedian just signed with the network.

A little bit of bad news has hit Conan on TBS host Conan O’Brien as of late. Apparently, a blogger is suing him for allegedly stealing jokes, and a judge has granted that a trial move forward. For his part, O’Brien totally denies the claims.

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Fortunately, O’Brien’s network is sticking by him, and they still have the faith to keep Conan on the air for four more years. Per Deadline, the Conan host has just signed a contract extension with TBS, lasting until 2022.

The article also notes that O’Brien’s deal extends to “digital content, podcasting, gaming, pay TV, and live events”. It’s not exactly clear what they’re referring to exactly, but they’re apparently looking to expand the Conan brand out further. It seems to be the network’s attempt at keeping up with the digital age.

The move also continues O’Brien’s run as the longest-running late night TV host. Still, he has no plans of retiring soon, happy to expand his brand under this new deal. “I’m eager to evolve my show into something leaner, more agile, and more unpredictable,” he’s quoted as saying. But the funnyman is quick to add something else to that list: “I also want a pony.”

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As a fan of Team Coco, I see this as fantastic news. And I’m sure many more people out there will agree. Let’s give it up for another four years of Conan!

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