Stephen Colbert begs Trump not to fire Sean Spicer

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With Sean Spicer’s termination seemingly imminent, Stephen Colbert is begging President Trump not to get rid of this great source of material.

On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night, Colbert spent some time speaking on the Sean Spicer situation. He shows a clip from a Saturday interview with Trump, with the president suggesting he’ll only hold his own press conferences from now on. “Oh sir, please don’t do your own press conferences,” Colbert sarcastically says, adding, “What would we make jokes about the next day?”

Colbert plays additional clips from the interview hinting at a termination soon to come for Spicer. Trump talks about how Spicer is a “nice man”, but refuses to say if he’ll continue to use him. When directly asked if Spicer will be back in the job the next day, Trump deflects by saying, “Well, he’s been there from the beginning.”

“Yeah, he’s firing Sean Spicer,” Colbert says, seeing the obvious writing on the wall. This leads Colbert to send a message directly to President Trump — beginning by telling him he’s a bad president who needs to resign. This gets quite an ovation from the audience.

Colbert then pleads with Trump not to fire Spicer. “Where am I going to get my daily dose of veiled anger and condescension?” he asks. “Sarah Huckabee Sanders is okay, but she doesn’t have that certain… je ne sais ‘Whaaa?’

You can watch the plea in the YouTube video below.

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Indeed, Spicer has been an incredible source of material for comedians. Sure, he’s terrible at his job, but he’s just so fun to make fun of. In a way, he’ll be missed.