Did Donald Trump plagiarize his speech from Legally Blonde?

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Jimmy Fallon took to The Tonight Show last night to compare President Trump’s new commencement speech to one from the film Legally Blonde.

At Liberty University over the weekend, President Donald Trump showed up to give a commencement speech. Jimmy Fallon spent some time speaking on the speech, playing some clips from it on the show. It includes such moments as Trump asking the room if anyone thinks they’re going to be the president. “Now raise your hand if you can start tomorrow, it’s all yours!” Fallon imitates Trump as saying.

But Fallon claims that when watching the speech, it sounded very familiar to him. It then dawned on Fallon that it reminded him of Elle Woods, the Reese Witherspoon character from the movie Legally Blonde. Elle gives a speech in the film that sounds very similar to Trump’s commencement speech. To prove it, Jimmy then plays clips of the two’s speeches side by side.

“We take our next steps into the world,” Elle Woods begins. Similarly, Trump says, “You must go forth into the world.” Several more statements then follow, with Fallon playing each of them together to really point out the odd similarity.

However, there’s one key difference between the two speeches, in the way that they end. Elle concludes her speech by telling everyone, “We did it!” But Donald Trump simply says, “I did it.”

You can watch the comparison in the video below.

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To be fair, Fallon calls it “probably just a coincidence”, though still can’t help but wonder what’s going on. I guess after his wife was caught plagiarizing Michelle Obama, Trump copying a Reese Witherspoon film is entirely plausible.