Seth Meyers exposes Trump’s flagrant abuse of power

Credit: NBC
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On last night’s Late Night, Seth Meyers took a look at the latest examples of President Trump abusing his power including giving intel to Russian officials.

Calling Donald Trump an “increasingly authoritarian president”, Seth Meyers says we’re at a “pivotal point in our democracy.” He’s been facing enough accusations of abusing his power as it is, but they only seem to keep coming. It’s far past the beyond of just being ridiculous — it’s insane.

Just before taping last night’s Late Night, news broke in The Washington Post about Trump leaking classified intel to Russian diplomats. Meyers uses this as a basis to get into the president’s flagrant abuse of his power for his “A Closer Look” segment on the show.

Meyers begins by taking a few shots at Trump’s ego before moving on to the James Comey situation. He points out some of the many inconsistencies in the stories from the Trump administration about Comey’s firing. Despite Trump’s buddies saying whatever they can to cover for him, he contradicts them all by taking full credit for the firing — and literally admitting it had to do with Comey’s Russia investigation.

“Normally, you only get a confession that blatant at the end of Law & Order: SVU,” Meyers jokes. The Late Night host can’t help but feel disoriented by how Trump openly admits to wrongdoing, daring us to punish him for it. He compares Trump to a high school troublemaker who always gets a pass because of his wealthy parents.

Meyers also brings up the reports of Trump asking Comey to pledge his loyalty to him. Comey refused, and was not only fired, but had Trump threaten to release “tapes” of their conversations to the press. Meyers then says he has the “real” tape of their private conversation, which is actually just sound bytes of Trump and Comey hilariously cut together.

You can watch the entire take down in the YouTube video below.

Trump’s shadiness is obvious to everyone, and we don’t need Meyers to point it out for us. But watching him roast the POTUS for it is some of the silver lining we have in this entire fiasco that is the Trump presidency.