Stephen Colbert rips President Trump over Comey firing

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Stephen Colbert took to The Late Show to talk about the sudden firing of FBI Director James Comey during an investigation into President Trump.

No matter whose side you’re on, you’ve got to admit that the timing of James Comey’s firing is curious. The FBI has been investigating President Trump’s alleged ties to Russia, which Trump has adamantly denied. In the midst of this investigation, Comey is suddenly fired from his job.

Stephen Colbert has no choice but to get into this breaking news right away on last night’s Late Show. Colbert noted his surprise, thinking Trump would have been grateful for the infamous Comey letter. “Thanks for the presidency, Jimmy, now don’t let the door hit ya where the electoral college split ya!” he imagines Trump as saying.

Colbert talks about the suspicious timing of the firing, noting Trump had sent Comey a letter about his dismissal. While firing Comey, Trump just has to add in he appreciates Comey informing several times that he’s not under investigation. Colbert shows his annoyance in how Trump has to literally make everything about himself.

The Late Show host says that we’ll have more information on this tomorrow (today), after “they scramble to cover the whole thing up.” We’ll see what else Colbert has to say about this on tonight’s show. But for now, you can watch his reaction to the news below.

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In the clip above, Colbert also spends some time talking about the Michael Flynn controversy. He brings up how Obama warned Trump about Flynn, but that was just as effective as Obama warning America about Trump.