Fallon reads more bad Yelp reviews with Aziz Ansari

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Aziz Ansari stopped by The Tonight Show last night and took turns with Jimmy Fallon reading real bad Yelp reviews, and we’ve got the video here.

A few months back, comedian and actor Aziz Ansari came onto The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. One of the bits he did with Fallon was reading real reviews on Yelp, with the replies from the owners. It was one of the funniest Tonight Show bits from recent memory, forever preserved on YouTube.

Fortunately, Ansari was back on the show again last night, and read more bad Yelp reviews with Fallon! Revisiting the bit, Fallon reads the reviews as the customer, while Ansari reads the owners’ responses. The two do so by acting it out, and it just makes it that much funnier.

The two get through several hilarious bad Yelp reviews, including a bizarre one for a dentist’s office. A customer had left a review stating they watched a DVD during a filling which features nudity. Offended by the topless women “prancing around” in the film, the customer ripped the dentist for offering such a movie.

In the dentist’s response, she rips the customer for picking the DVD herself. The dentist claims to have an assortment of PG movies, and this person picked the one they did. “Looks like there’s holes in  your story and your teeth,” the angry dentist writes.

You can watch the entire bit in the YouTube video below.

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This is hilarious, and hopefully Ansari will be back on the show again to do another round of these horrible Yelp reviews!