Mark Hamill surprises Star Wars fan Adam Scott on Kimmel

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On last night’s May the Fourth episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Star Wars star Mark Hamill made a surprise appearance

It was a night of surprises and special guests last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Guest host Kristen Bell helped celebrate May the Fourth, aka Star Wars, with some help from Luke Skywalker himself and in the process, made Adam Scott’s dreams come true.

Scott told the story about inviting Mark Hamill to his second birthday party. At the time, he really believed Hamill was going to show up — unfortunately, the actor didn’t show up. While disappointed, Scott began to explain that he understood Hamill was probably just busy. But before he can go on with the story, that distinct Star Wars theme song starts to play.

At first, Scott looks around, not quite sure what’s happening. When he sees Hamill, in character as Luke Skywalker (lightsaber and all), he’s clearly stunned. You can clearly see him mouthing, “No f—ing way,” as his idol steps out before him, doing a Luke Skywalker pose. The reaction is completely genuine, as you can even see the poor guy shaking in excitement.

Hamill then gives the lightsaber to Scott as a gift. It might be a few decades too late, but Scott is clearly just as happy now as he would have been as a kid. For what it’s worth, Hamill does apologize for missing his birthday, while Scott responds that this is one of the best moments of his life.

Watch the entire segment in the video below!

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This is certainly the best video I’m going to see today. I guess you’re never too old or successful to geek out over your childhood heroes.