Jimmy Fallon weighs in on GOP health care bill

Credit: NBC
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Jimmy Fallon kicked off his monologue on The Tonight Show by diving into the controversial GOP health care bill which passed through the House yesterday.

The elephant in the room yesterday was the passage of the health care bill many are calling “Trumpcare”. Everybody has been talking about it, so there’s no way the late night comedians can ignore it. For his part, Jimmy Fallon jumped straight into it when kicking off The Tonight Show last night.

Fallon told viewers how the House voted to pass this bill, also electing to give themselves an eleven day recess. Perhaps they need some time after all this to just sit back and relax a little bit. Or, as Fallon suggests, “finally read the bill they just voted for.”

That might be a punchline, but it’s sadly based on truth. Fallon showed several clips of a reporter bluntly asking politicians who voted for the bill if they even read it. Not a single one of them could admit that they had — they couldn’t even fake it. “I did a better job lying on my book reports,” Fallon joked.

The Tonight Show host spent some more time taking shots at Trump over some of his other recent flubs. You can watch the entire monologue in the video below.

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Also in the video above, Fallon talks about Trump not celebrating Cinco de Mayo. The planned White House celebration for the event had been canceled. Of course, as Fallon jokes, it was probably because Mexico “wouldn’t pay for it”.